Dear visitorEvery week, we collect people’s recommendations for activities happening in Copenhagen – and share them with our members to promote local culture across generations, ideologies and personal feeds.It is free to join our club and you can read more about how it works in our FAQ. Or see this week's edition.With care
Søren, Mads & Kristoffer

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Why are you writing in English?In order to make this project as inclusive as possible, we have decided to make English the lingua franca of Wildflowers Club. In this way, it’ll be easier for the many non-Danish speaking people in Copenhagen to connect with the local scene.

Okay, and how does this work?Every week, we collect recommendations for activities in Copenhagen from our contributors and send them in a free newsletter on Monday at 12:30 PM for everyone to enjoy.

Is it really free?Yes, it is free and always will be. It takes two hours per week and costs ≈$32 per month to make Wildflowers Club. It is a small price to pay for providing a local and human alternative to discovering and celebrating cultural initiatives in Copenhagen outside of our personal feeds. If you want to support this initiative you can purchase a classified. This is how we hope for the project to pay for itself so it can exist for eternity.

How do I become a contributor?With patience. The first step is to join the club and receive the weekly newsletter. If you would still like to contribute with recommendations after having received a few editions of the newsletter, please fill out an application. Everyone is welcome to become contributors, but we admit new contributors at a slow pace, to ensure a diverse group of people and a stable project core.

Where are your social media accounts?We don't have any and probably never will. We want to nurture an alternative space for discovering local culture. We also think it’s important to direct engagement toward grassroots organizers instead of handing it over to the monopolistic platforms.

Who is behind the club?Wildflowers Club is made possible by the +100 contributors with the common aspiration of celebrating local culture. They range from 19-76 in age and are split evenly between genders. Along the way, you’ll meet them in the newsletter. The visual identity is the care work of Mads, and Ana is supplying the analog photos for the weekly newsletter. The project is stewarded by Søren and Kristoffer.

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